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Contact Post [24 Mar 2021|02:53pm]
Wanna talk or whatever. Leave me a comment. All comments are screened. ♥

Current Characters [09 Dec 2020|08:23pm]
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Past Characters [08 Aug 2020|06:12pm]
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About Me [08 Aug 2019|08:52pm]
How long I've been playing: I've been playing about 6 years on and off
Availability: At the moment I have plenty of free time and I should be able to play at least once a day unless something major comes up.
Games I'm Not Interested In: Games that are 100% dark, straight smut without plot, games that are all plot and no character development.
Preferred Format: Journals/Threading
Willing To Join a Community: Certainly
Willing To Do PSLS: Depends on the line.
Best Way To Contact Me: I always respond to my dropbox.

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